Gilnella Catholic Retreat Center

The Gilnella Catholic Retreat Center was a center for youth outreach and adult ministry operated the Diocese of the city. Starting in 1872, the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity, opened the Eudes Hill Home to educate emotionally troubled females in the area. The Eudes Hill Home had become inadequate in size and a more spacious compound was selected for its replacement. On November 17, 1959 the new Gilnella School for Girls was opened. The facility, designed to be a school and dormitory for 100 females, featured split-level cottages that housed 25 students each, a vocational training center, a modern chapel, and a combination auditorium and gymnasium. The Gilnella School for Girls closed in 1977 and the site was repurposed as the Gilnella Diocesan Center, which became the center of youth outreach and was home to the diocesan Office for Youth and Young Adult Ministry. The facility was sold to the Maronda Foundation in 2007 and renamed the Gilnella Catholic Retreat Center. The Foundation provided support for disadvantaged college students and youth groups to attend church activities at the retreat. A goodbye celebration was held for the Gilnella Catholic Retreat Center on April 27, 2017. The property is going to be demolished and redeveloped.



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